Signal System Design

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The intial design of the system was done by Noel a while ago and utilises current signalling practice. I have recently updated it to reflect the track changes going on at the Junction and kept with the modern signalling practice.

However - I havent felt totally comfortable with this and it has recently become clear why. My memories of New Zealand rail are mostly rural and date back as far as the 1960s at the end of the steam era, so I have begun researching what it would take to backdate the system to an NZR 1960s - steam changeover period. Ken Ashford of Kiwi Rail - a long time employee and expert has offered to help get it right. (Ken also has a signalling museam in Hamilton).


So here is the diagram as it stands for now, but watch it change as I get more info from Ken.



WCR_HandSketch.pdf (90.03 kb)

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